Create an aroma/flavor wheel for you product category

Why create an aroma/flavor wheel?

A flavor lexicon, often illustrated as a flavor wheel is very helpful, because it offers a categorically sorted list of all possible flavor variations within a product category.

The wheel is sorted into different tiers. The inner tier consists of more general group categories, like for example fruity/berry, and spicy.  While a second tier can divide fruity into more detailed fruit categories, like tropical fruit, cooked fruit, citrus fruit etc. and the third tier would divide these groups further into specific fruits, like peach, apricot, and lemon, all depending of the product category being described.  

Another helpful addition to the flavor wheel, is to create definitions for each attribute on the wheel, and physical standards connected to each definition. This lexicon can be used to create lists of attributes to describe new products, and to ease the process of training of new tasters.