Sensory Analysis

What is Sensory Analysis?

Before writing anything related to Sensory Analysis, it is very important to know what exactly the Sensory Analysis is. Also known as sensory evaluation, sensory analysis is nothing but the disciple that is based on certain principles to analyze or evaluate customer products. With this, you can make possible inferences and changes to the product, and ensure better quality. It also helps you understand how your products are perceived. The gigantic companies have some dedicated departments whose job is to do only sensory analysis. Moreover, analytical sensory service or sensory evaluation is categorized into three sections including Analytical testing, Affective testing, and Perception. Analytical testing is related to neutral facts about products. On the other hand, Affective testing deals with subjective facts including preferences. And the last one, Perception is nothing but the biochemical and psychological aspects of sensation.


Why Sense of Taste for Sensory Analysis of food?

If you are looking for sensory analysis of food, you should connect with Sense of Taste without further delay. Its founder, Hanner Siverson is a specialist analytical sensory service provider with 20-years of experience. She offers sensory analysis of processed food, vegetables, food, and beverages.

Sensory analysis is mainly used by big organizations to improve product quality. With such analysis and studies, companies get to understand how well products will be accepted and get insights into products. The range of analysis or testing depends on what exactly the company is looking for in the product. Therefore, if you are looking for analytical sensory services, you can consider Sense of Taste as they are well-known for quality Sensory Evaluation and Consumer Research.

Along with the great quality of services, they offer time-effective services as per individual’s needs and requirements. The comprehensive range of services available at Sense of Taste includes Product optimization, Plant breeding optimization, Creating Aroma/flavor wheels, a Guide to establish on-site sensory facilities, Consumer preference and liking, and Data analyses.


For Descriptive analyses or Consumer Taste Tests, or any such services, speak to us and find the economical solutions to your needs.