Sensory Evaluation

What is Sensory Evaluation?

Sensory evaluation is a systematic study of human response to the Physico-chemical properties, which makes it possible to collect information about the sensitivity of human sense, and the four dimensions of sensory perception. i.e. qualitative, quantitative, hedonic, and temporal dimensions. It consists of techniques that offer analytical information about the sensory attribute of food, and non-food products to share information about the technical specification of the product, and the hedonic perception of the product as perceived by the consumer. Sensory evaluation tests are essential for food research projects and product development. It is a way of evoking, measuring, analyzing, and interpreting the reaction of foods and materials by the senses of smell, taste, sight, feel touch, and hearing.

Why choose Sensory Evaluation Test?

Sensory evaluation tests are used in product development, research, shelf-life studies, and quality control. At Sense of Taste, we provide a range of services including product optimization, plant breeding optimization, creating aroma/flavor wheels, a guide to establish on developing sensory sites, obtain consumer preference and likings, and data analysis. Founded by Hanner Siverston – sensory science of foods specialist who has over 20 years of experience. She has been a consultant for the food, beverage industry, and seed breeders for more than five years. Over the years, she has earned specialists in processed food, vegetables, food, and beverages including wine.


Why do you need sensory tests?

Sensory Tests serve as a powerful tool to develop a new product and are used as a benchmark against the product from competitors. I carry out the complete range of sensory evaluation discrimination tests such as triangle tests, duo trio, and paired comparison as and when required. Utilizing the combination of five primary senses, I help clients to build subconscious loyalty towards brands. A sensory evaluation test unlocks what attracts consumers to your product, which is essential for the successful launch of a new product. Whether you are a new company or an existing brand, I would help your company to gain valuable knowledge through sensory research that will help you to improve your product. It will help you identify where your product exactly fits into the market and refines it at the same time as well. I will help you check the effectiveness of the product before it hits the shelves. You can speak to me if you require any such services. We bring you to cost-effective solutions to keep your product market-ready.


Benefits of Sensory Evaluation

- It helps you get inside the mind of consumers and provides valuable insights into how they think of your product through the primary senses.
- It helps to develop subconscious loyalty towards brands.
- Identifies what attracts customers towards product. Improves overall product as per the need of consumers.